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Ladies, Lunch, and Literacy

Ladies, Lunch, and Literacy is an off-site event program that invites selected authors to lunch in a personalized setting. Join the Ladies, Lunch and Literacy email list (Under the Newsletter sidebar) if you are interested in:

  • Having lunch with new authors. Lunches are held in Los Angeles and San Diego
  • Meeting other readers and building a community that loves to learn about, and talk about new books
  • Receiving a signed first edition from a promising new writer and creating buzz and book group interest for a debut author
  • Supporting a non-profit literacy-based organization with part of the proceeds from our events
  • Eating lunch at local, independently owned venues

Be sure to designate which LLL group you are interested in (San Diego, South Bay (Los Angeles) or Santa Monica). You may also subscribe to our other email lists at the same time.

Authors who have joined us for lunch

In 2008, our authors included Lauren Groff, Marisa Silver, and Selden Edwards

Authors visiting in 2009 included Jeanne Nash, Katheryn Stockett, Tess Callahan, and Sue Grafton

In 2010 these authors joined us for memorable events: Sarah Blake, Beth Hoffman, Lisa Grunwald, and Pete Nelso.

So far in 2011, we have enjoyed lunching with Caroline Leavitt and Eleanor Brown. On the calendar (as we now know it) are Emma Donoghue and Holly Goldberg Sloan, with more to come this Fall.

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