It is a Great Adventure!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

We held our first writing class in our community room last Saturday. It was an adventure in so many ways. There were 11 of us in all. We represented (at least) three generations, but were most inspired by two high school students who astounded us with their wisdom and their poise and with how articulate and confident they were in a group of “grownups.” The rest of us came from a variety of disciplines and for an even more diverse set of reasons. I believe I can speak for all of us when I say that we all learned a lot about ourselves and were intrigued by what we learned about the strangers we worked with for three hours.

Wild writing with Laurie Wagner is a once in a life time experience that cannot be explained in a paragraph or two. It is a great adventure for anyone who wants to go a little deeper into themselves and who enjoys expressing their words on paper. We look forward to inviting Laurie back so that others can share in the experience.

We have had a great response to offering writing classes at the store. We have already planned an entirely different experience with local writer Jennie Nash in December and other workshops are being discussed with various local teachers.

Last Saturday was a new store adventure for us too. We are finding out more about our space as we try different events and programs. On Saturday, we found out that the lights for our community room need some fine-tuning to ensure the right ambiance for all of the uses we want to create in the store. And … we found out that we knew nothing about our heating system. This was the first day since we opened that the temperature dropped below 68 degrees.

We are having fun planning and trying different events for the new store. We just finished planning some out-of-the-ordinary events for December. We look forward to bringing these new programs to our community and learning how we can best be of service to a variety of customers. It is a great adventure!

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