A Partnership for the Future

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Last week we received news that Catalina Coffee Company, an established favorite gathering place in the South Bay, has signed a lease to create Catalina Coffee Café in our Redondo Beach store space. We are thrilled, not only because their name is alliterative, but also because the owners and the staff share our vision of building a community within our community. We could not be more fortunate or happier to be partnering with this lovely, local business. They are collaborative in every way and love our store and what we bring to the community as much as we love their food and their vision for their second location.

At our meeting, they shared with us their plans for the build-out of the space that is in front of our bookstore. For those of you haven’t seen the new store, customers will walk through the café to enter the bookstore.

The café will be using the same architects we used to create our current space. This will ensure that the building flows as one unit and we are delighted with this news. The planning phase will take them through the end of this year and includes not just the physical space, but also a new menu of items to suit their vision for a café that will not only serve their incredible coffee, but may one day serve wine and beer in the evenings (all of our fingers are crossed on this one!).

The actual construction of their space will begin in January 2012, and they hope to open to the public this Spring. We will remain open during the construction and will share pictures and progress in this blog. Stay tuned!

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